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Youth Ministry Media


School is back in session and you wake up realizing there’s another semester that you need to plan for you middle school and high school ministry needs. You need a fresh, new resource for Youth Ministry Media!

I’m really excited to invite you into what we’ve go in store throughout the month of August. We may be calling it the back to school month, but in reality it’s the month we’ll focus on Youth Ministry Media!

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for youth ministry. Ever since I’ve been able to serve in the church, I’ve always served in middle school or high school ministry. So its fair to say that a large part of why TripleWide Media exists is to serve those needs youth ministry needs.


Youth Ministry Media + TripleWide Media

Are you new to TripleWide Media? There may be some things about our community that you don’t know! (This isn’t meant to be a sales pitch, but a way to catch you up to speed.)

  1. Credits & Media Don’t Expire. We believe it’s important to have a place to find media and creative ideas where you’re not worried about loosing the media you purchase or the credits you own. Many places trick you into buying all these fancy credit packages, just to remind you they expire in a year. At TripleWide, it’s not that way — Your media is, well, your media and your credits are your credits! Just log in regularly to keep your account active.
  2. 1 Purchase, 3 Sizes (or 6). Did you know that every single product on TripleWide Media was designed for the youth ministry media needs regardless of your screen size or layout? What this means is that every product gives you the single wide, double wide and triple wide at no additional cost. Get the HD package and receive all of the SD and HD products (That’s a total of 6 files!)
  3. Series Make Finding Media Easy. One of the ways we help you find the media you want with great ease: Series. These are categories of media (or pre-selected search terms) to help curate great media in popular categories. Not sure where to find high energy, check out VJ+Club or Concerts & Lights.
  4. The Blog. One of the best parts of TripleWide Media is the wealth of incredible articles on our blog. From Environmental Projection to behind the scenes of Hillsong Tour, and almost everything in between, TWM’s blog is a great resource for those needing ideas for youth ministry media!
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Why Great Youth Ministry Media Matters?

In the world of Youth Ministry, you’re serving a generation that is incredibly connected with society at large. Having great media isn’t just something they notice, it’s something they need. As we craft worship environments, having the right media is vital to making the church not feel so outdated it’s not something to consider. Be careful though, this can be a slippery slope to think that media is the most important thing in Youth Min, as you know it’s not. (btw – if this is a topic you’re interested in, i’d highly recommend checking out SALT Conference).

For students, they notice quality. Its like they have a radar that allows them to identify cheap vs quality, because they spend enough time browsing vimeo, looking at pinterest, watching TV, etc. What would it be like if your Youth Ministry Media was such high quality, that it provided a baseline of expectation that the (big C) Church is intentional about doing our best?

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Great youth ministry media matters because your students matter. Because excellence and providing an environment where the best is championed, builds character. Because lives are in the balance, and we shouldn’t care about anything short of amazing if we’re going to invest our time in crafting atmosphere.


The Best Youth Ministry Media:

Check out some of these categories and concepts as you begin to explore great media for your Youth Ministry:

Youth Ministry Media - concert

Youth Ministry Media - gameshow

Youth Ministry Media - Series



Other Youth Ministry Media Posts to Check Out:

Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more great articles on Youth Ministry. Feel free to bookmark this page, as we’ll do our best to keep it updated throughout the series of posts. We’ll be sharing stories from the trenches, tips on creating multiscreen with a single projector, creating environment for games & skits and many more surprises along the way. Stay tuned, it’s going to be some great resources as you get ready to start a new semester and launch your new programs!


Oh, and did we mention that we have freebies? Click here.




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