World’s Smallest Immersive Environment


I saw this news story last week and to be honest, I got pretty excited. The team at Spike Aerospace have created this concept airplane, capable of NYC to London in 3-4 hours or LA to Tokyo in 8 hours. Beyond the ability to traverse the globe at super sonic speeds, how crazy that you’re basically inside your own personal entertainment bubble.

Obviously, we’re excited about the possibility for being able to travel faster, but as media guys, we’re stoked about seeing ultra-wide content in more places. When we talk about transforming environments, this is exactly what we’re talking about. Spend the night under the ocean as you fly from NYC to Paris.

Imagine sitting in an airplane and at the flip of the switch you can transform yourself to a 16th century cathedral, turn day to night or night to day, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of slowly falling snow. While I’m not sure this will ever become reality, it’s renewing my sense of creativity, of dreaming and wonder.

Basically, the plane is a metal tube with these ultra wide screens on the insides to replicate windows. This will reduce drag and make the flying experience a little safer and much faster. That’s probably a pretty elementary view of what’s taking place, but it gets us the idea. Worried about claustrophobia? They’ll have a series of HD cameras on the plane that will allow you to see what’s happening outside…makes you feel a bit better about hurtling through the sky at Mach 1.6.

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What would you create for this environment? We spent some time adding a few pieces of media into the pics we found and came up with some different looks the company could go with.

A quiet dinner through the mountains.



Or perhaps a calming trip through the cosmos?


Transport yourself to the top of the clouds and watch the Sunset.



Perhaps you’re a little more adventurous and want to take a trip under water!



We hope you’re inspired today to dream more and carve out time for creativity. We’re excited about the new adventures that await us all.


Photo Credits: Spike Aerospace [Edited by TWM]

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