What makes TripleWide Media Different?

What Makes TripleWide Media Different? | TripleWide Media

What makes TripleWide Media Different?

A lot of folks that hear about TripleWide Media for the first time ask what makes us different. We’re different because we want to be. We’re different because we are able to be. We’re different because we think outside the box, look for an alternative solution, and craft amazing environments. How do we do this? Variety; Resolutions, and Customer and Tech Support.

Variety – why do you go to WalMart, Target, or Amazon? For me, it comes down to variety. I love being able to find new different items in one convenient location. That’s no different here at TripleWide Media. We have more than 40 amazing producers creating a multitude of media. From particles and light rays to landscapes and stained glass to abstract images and grunge textures, you can get anything you need for any environment right here. Take a look at what’s new and browse our 11,000 unique options!

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Variety of Content | TripleWide Media

Resolutions – we want to be sure that our content is able to support your creativity. That’s why we offer 7 sizes for every piece of HD enhanced media! We want to be sure that you are covered in any situation. Want to pixel map televisions? Want to run a 4 projector EP setup? Want to run an HD triple wide wall? It’s easy with TripleWide! For one HD Enhanced file you get over 11 million pixels worth of content. Boom!

Resolutions | TripleWide Media

Customer Support – are you new to TripleWide Media? Do you have a question about a file, what credits are, or how to become a member of the community? We’re here to help. Beyond just website support, we want to help you come up with creative ideas, think through logistics, and expand your creative palette. Send us an email or fill out the contact form to learn how we can help you!

Tech Support – new projector? Looking for a solution to your video problem? Need help troubleshooting the latest presentation software you have just purchased? Give us a call. We spend hours every day pouring into the latest technologies to make sure that we can give you a helping hand.

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Customer and Tech Support | TripleWide Media

TripleWide Media is way more than just content. We want to help you create amazing environments through resources, inspiration, and education. How can we help you today?


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Tim is the Brand Manager for TripleWide Media. He has 10 years experience in the event management world and has a strong desire to see visuals and media used to increase the user experience.

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