Visualizing Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday | Vantage Points

Visualizing Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and typically visualized with an Ash Cross being displayed on a worshippers forehead. This symbolizes the passage in Genesis chapter 2 “ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” How does that translate to our worship environments?


If you want to simply create an atmosphere for visualizing Ash Wednesday, the use of simple textures is a great way to accomplish this. You don’t need much to evoke the same symbolism with your visuals as the ashes on your forehead does. Whether you are doing environmental projection, an edge blend, or a single screen, the right simple texture can create an amazing atmosphere.

Painted Ash Brush Gray Black | Ash Wednesday Smoke and Ash Fog | Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday Grace 4

Graphics (or Title) Slides

Ash Wednesday is a great opportunity to use title slides or simple graphic symbols to transform an environment. Consider the power of walking into your Ash Wednesday service with a massive ash cross or title graphic across your environmental projection setup will capture attention. This allows you to instantly tell people what they are walking into and prepare their hearts for worship.

Grey Ash Wednesday Dust Cross | Ash Wednesday His Sacrifice Ash Wednesday

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Remember your Community

At the end of the day, each and everyone of us tasked with visualizing Ash Wednesday for our congregations, must remember the community we serve. It’s possible the symbolism doesn’t correlate to your observation of the season of Lent. This is true especially if your congregation doesn’t explicitly observe Ash Wednesday. Create the environment that speaks to your community and supports the story you are telling.

What do you typically do to observe Ash Wednesday? Has the concept of visualizing Ash Wednesday occurred to you? Does it fit with your community? Well, we think it can and should be a part of the Easter season. Check out the full series of Ash Wednesday media here.

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