Using a Midi Controller with Resolume

So one of the things that we’re doing here is using a USB MIDI controller to actually control aspects of Resolume.

One of the fun things we did in session today was, we play the dating game with all single leaders. And so the game is called All The Single Leaders not “Single Ladies” like the Beyonce song but single leaders. So we basically created this look where you had dancing silhouettes on the screen.

Now at any point in the song or any point during the game I could actually come to this controller and I have independent access or independent control the intensity of each video clip per sliders. So if I bring down sliders two and three (they’re not in order unfortunately for the video sake,) but they do allow me to have separate control. So I basically can bring all these out in pieces; I can sort of like a lighting console to sort of like move these around in real time and I’m seeing, you know, real dissolve out.

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One of the things I’ve setup is this orange button; I’ve taped it orange so I can always quickly find it. It is a master control of anything that’s on the center LED wall. So when I take that out, everything is now black; I could change and create a whole new look, like let’s say our walk in look, and now when I dissolve this back up it’s going to bring all those elements back in with it.

That’s just one small thing and then I decided to take this sort of to a whole new level and this six right here this last layer that I created is basically a whole specific use just for live music. When you do music sometimes you want like a flash or a beat on beat and when you do that I set up these little buttons right here to basically click, or trigger, a specific clip. So everytime I click that, that white punch happens and so I can be on any single clip, or I can be on any clip or any set up or whatever anywhere in there I can actually bump these. And I set these to the right of that first one as different layers so I can now come in here and just you know if it’s like a really big like finish to a song you know sort of get this strobe effect that is in theory live. It’s being done just like a musical instrument. Basically treating videos like a musical instrument.

But the reason I like that bump cue or this fader right here for that is I can basically be hitting this bump on beat and I can slowly fade that in to give this sort of build effect as the chorus swells or the bridge or whatever.

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Anyway, that’s one great idea how you can use a Korg controller to sort of have extra control in your environment.

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