You’ve probably never seen someone VJ in a club with triplewide screens before? It’s been done — We’ve found a video jokey out there that VJ’s with a triple wide screen setup. Its cool to see that this is guy is adopting some of this “expanding the canvas” style of projection we talk about here a lot and trying to make his visuals such a vibrant part of the experience. Note that this guy is actually in a club, making visuals is an active part of his Auditory experience.

I was reminded by two things when seeing this video last week. First, I was reminded that we can tell a greater story when we add visuals to music… even if those visuals are abstract. Colors tell stories. They invoke feelings and through feelings, music and visuals a experience is born.

Secondly, this video reminded me that this visual-worship conversation is global! You wouldn’t know this unless you watched this video on, but this video is actually from the United Kingdom. I love sharing the really cool visual applications that are happening all across the world. One of the heartbeats behind this site is that the global community would understand the power of art, creativity, visuals and media in creating experiences. It’s why we did the whole “Transform Christmas” campaign. It’s why we have shown video setups in Australia, France, Europe, Hong Kong and more!  This is a global conversation that reaches far beyond just the American Church.

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Visuals don’t just tell a story in the United States. Art, as many have said, is the language of the invisible. It’s the one thing that allows us all to communicate without the barriers of language or reference. That’s because art speaks to the core of our hearts and minds… the deepest part of our understanding.


Lets take the image (or visual) of rain for example. For some, they see this image and are reminded of Gods Grace that rains down on their lives every day… some, may be reminded of the lavish love and kindness that God has poured down on us. And for others it is a reminder that we are washed in the Blood of Jesus, clean, made whole and righteous because of his sacrifice. Because the picture of rain speaks so many different ways to so many different people, we have an opportunity to use music, color, visuals and even pictures to invoke a conversation between those worshiping and with God. Are you doing this on a regular basis? Is your creativity causing a relationship?

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I don’t know why I saw all of this when I watched this short video of a VJ in a club in the UK, but I did. I’ve found that God speaks to us in all forms art. Secular. Sacred. Simple and Sophisticated. Because I believe God is in all forms of art and art has the ability to reveal the indescribable characteristics of God.


What are you doing to tell The Story visually?


Luke McElroy

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