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When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was build houses with Lincoln Logs. My parents had bought me a set and I loved putting things together and building something. Maybe for you, it was Legos. You wanted to build something right? It wouldn’t have been as much fun to buy something already put together. It’s the act of taking all the pieces and using them as building blocks to create something better, unified and collective.

It came to me the other day that we don’t talk enough about TripleWide Media becoming building blocks for your creative environments. We know that many of you are using ProPresenter with your media, and that’s great, but it doesn’t give you the flexibility that an advanced VJ software may give you to layer files on top of each other, blend them manually over time and create an experience with content that isn’t so “cookie cutter” as just inputing media as is into a system like ProPresenter.

It would be like purchasing the lego set already finished.

Which isn’t wrong. Some people would prefer that actually!


So I thought it would be fun to show some examples of how TripleWide Media can be used as building blocks in your environments.


What do I Mean by Building Blocks?

First of all, let me start with an explanation. There are a few ways to use the media you purchase from TWM. The most common is to download a piece of media and put it in your event as is, without any changes or modifications.

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The second is to understand this media not as a finished, un-alterable piece of media, and instead see it as a part of a bigger curation of an artistic experience. You may take this subtle clip from Playback Media and these fireworks from Kenneth Keifer and use them together to make a whole new effect and add subtle color to the clouds. That would create a new motion out of the original two products, and thus take your creativity to another level. Here’s what I mean:


Examples of Past Building Blocks from TWM:

Over the past few year’s we’ve seen a few of our customers use TripleWide Media content as building blocks in some incredible ways. Take a look at some of the past stories.

Blake Shelton Building Blocks

Blake Shelton Music Video. The art director for the Blake Shelton video “God Gave Me You” wanted a look that wasn’t “Stock” but didn’t want to take the time, money or effort to create a custom look for the chorus. So he turned to TripleWide Media and for a few dollars was able to accomplish a “unique” look that no one else had with about 4 clips. He didn’t see the media as the end, but as elements to be combined and make a bigger image. Click here to read the whole writeup.

American Idol | TripleWide Media

American Idol. As we wrote in this blog, you’ll see that American Idol used our media not as one base image that had to be used in the exact dimensions we originally sold, but instead used it and replicated it, mirrored parts and re-composited it so that the media from TripleWide was a Building Block instead of a fixed concept.


Names of God. One of the most popular clips on the site is a bunch of names of God rising. This clip by itself is a bit odd, but one of the most effective ways to use it is to add it to a clip of stars or galaxies and make it a new clip with depth. Here are several Names of God clips to check out.

What does it take to use as a Building Block?

We don’t charge you any more if you want to put this in an editing system and modify or add it to another clip. We’re all about live events and want you to explore, push the envelope and find new ways to use media. Even if it means coming up with a whole new look by using existing looks as your foundation.

Simple take two or more pieces of media, play with the blending modes, explore transparency differences, or simply use them as a coloring agent on top of a still, motion or countdown product.

Legos are more fun when we realize they’re the foundation of building almost anything in the entire world. Like this life-size car:

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