How Hillsong United 2009 Tour used Triple Wide

Some of you have seen Hillsong United in concert before, but many have never been able to partake in this unique worship experience.  Either way, we thought it would be fun to share a few inside secrets on how it was done. Grab a pen and paper and take some notes… The most amazing part of this setup is how inexpensive a lot of the technology costs.

First, lets start with what type of projectors are being used.  As surprising as it is, they are using  7,000 lumen projectors. I would have guessed something closer to 10,000 lumens personally. This is amazing because most shows of this caliber use some incredibly powerful projectors. You don’t need a 30,000 lumen projector to make an experience come to life. As far as screens – they used 16′ x 9′ rear projected fast fold screens in most of their venues. This combination provided a great canvas in order to paint beautiful pictures on.

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When it comes down to what to paint on that canvas, Hillsong chose to use a combination of visuals (moving backgrounds, loops, etc) and IMAG (Image Magnification) throughout their worship experiences.  In order to pull-0ff the IMAG portion of the night, they used 3 – 3CCD Cameras and 4 Sony XC-999’s (or small pinhole cameras). These small cameras allowed them to gain more camera angles without the need of a tremendous number of camera operators. This is another great way to save money.

Coupled with IMAG was a very tasteful and powerful visual experience. When it came down to playback for video graphics and backgrounds, Hillsong United used ProVideoPlayer, a software by Renewed Vision. Along with this powerful software, they used a TripleHead2Go, and three Edirol V4 4 input video switchers. The Edirol switcher can be found for as cheap as $899 in some places. A great choice for someone wanting to do both video backgrounds and IMAG on a budget.

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This truly was a great production and the amazing part was that the production wasn’t extravagant price-wise. I would actually argue that most large church congregations have better technology than this tour took out. Coupling their video setup with the amazing lighting design, the whole experience was breathtaking. We’re pretty amazed at the simple solution they ended up with on this tour and lives as encouragement to all of us that we can do this same setup as a part of our events and designs in the future.

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