Vertical Triple Wide Video Wall Setup

I don’t know if we have posted about this specific setup yet on the blog, but if you have seen me teach at National Worship Leader Conference, Seminars4Worship, Church Life Conference or any other tour/event, you have probably seen this. It’s the triple ‘TALL’ video wall.

The setup was a bit tricky, because the top screen was 23 feet in the air (at the bottom), which meant that the entire “rig” or screen setup was over 30′ tall. I have to say though, it was a quite impressive setup, one of my favorites from that year. The part I love about this show is that there wasn’t all these moving lights and LED’s. No, it was almost entirely par cans with colored Gels. Which means low budget.

So, as you may have guessed, we used the TripleHead2Go and ProVideoPlayer to power that screen. It was PVP the entire time. No switchers, no scalers, no processors. Simple. Inexpensive. Effective.

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The weirdest thing is that we didn’t have a “” yet… and there wasn’t much content available. We spent hours upon hours cropping HD footage to work with this setup.

All of the content ended up “sideways” but we stuck to all abstract visuals and things that didn’t have a perspective (like sunset, time-lapse or landscape image). Very fun event. The screens were 9×12’s Zip tied to the side truss, which was hung with two 1/2 ton motors (really small) and we just simply built the setup as it went up.

So we would add a screen and two sticks of truss. Send the motors up a bit, and repeat the process. Here are some more pictures.

Thanks to Chris Rouse for his leadership in this event. He actually get’s the credit here as he was the one who produced the event!

You may not have a 32′ ceiling to pull this exact setup off, but you may have a few TV’s to do this with, or you might be able to do a 3x 6’x8′ tall screen setup? The point is this, keep exploring… keep testing and dreaming. You will be amazed what you come up with and learn through the process.

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