Gear Review: Matrox’s TripleHead2Go

When I go and do seminars around the nation talking about multi-screen and environmental projection on a budget, I get the chance to share with people about the Matrox TripleHead2Go and all the power it can add to your box of tools. However it dawned on me that we have never talked about the device in any focused method here on the blog… So this is the Matrox TripleHead2Go… Explained.

In short, multi-screen video setups (many of the ones we talk about on this site) utilize multiple displays to create an ultra-wide or ultra-large projection canvas in which we can use art and visuals to create an environment. However if we want to get an image to span across multiple TVs or projectors, we need some way to get from one computer to three separate projectors. This is exactly what the TripleHead2Go helps do.

See the picture above. We simply take one VGA (or DVI) cable out from our mac or pc laptop and run it into the TripleHead2Go… From there we plug three separate projectors (or TVs) into the 3 outputs of the TripleHead2Go. The TripleHead asks for a 3x wide resolution that gets chopped up into three equal pieces and sent to each of the three projectors (or TVs).

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It may sound complicated, but it’s just difficult to do in writing. This may help:

You see the computer outputs a 2400×600 image and the TripleHead splits it up into 3 separate 800×600 images, thus making the visuals look like they span across all three…when in actuality each projector is just showing 1/3 of the overall picture.




As you can tell there are three different versions of the TripleHead2Go. Contrary to many other’s beliefs, our company exclusively uses the Digital Version, and is what we recommend if you are purchasing through us. When used live, here are some samples of what you will get:


So that’s about it. Hopefully this answers some of your questions as you get prepared for Christmas Programs or other planning for the year’s end.

It’s just another way we’re helping out.



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