Where do you find inspiration?

Today, we’re launching a new webisode series called Tribe Talk. We love the book, Tribes, from Seth Godin and know that as a mulitscreen community, we’re coming together to form a movement.

Today, we’ve got Luke McElroy, Jason Dyba, and Nicholas Rivero discussing the topic of Inspiration and how they find inspiration and filter out those ideas within the context of music tours, corporate events, church production, and conferences.

Here’s the video and recap below! Thanks for joining!

Video Recap – Inspiration:

Topic: Inspiration

Host: Luke McElroy – Founder, TripleWide Media

Guests: Nicholas Rivero (nicholasrivero.com) touring professional (purveyor of video awesomeness. Toured with acts such as Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, Hillsong, Passion Conferences etc.)

and Jason Dyba (jasondyba.com) Creative Director – Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN, songwriter, and much more.

Where do you go to find inspiration? (Nick) – Scours the internet for topics but always looks for ideas coming out of Europe including 1024D.wordpress.com. Find people and see what they’re doing. (Jason) Listens to a lot of radio. There is a lot of story telling on the radio. Loves story telling, like This American Life, Serial, etc. Loves having one medium that ignites the imagination to fill out the spectrum. It’s a mark of great story telling.

Jason is constantly working in the environment of a team. Within the church, Jason is coming up with new ideas with multiple people both full-time staff and volunteers. How does his organization do this? They work event to event and start with a dreaming meeting. Bringing in folks from different departments and multiple viewpoints. He also takes the team outside the normal environment bringing in items (like cookies!) to help spark discussion, ideas, and creativity. He’s creating and environment to stimulate creativity to help create an environment for the congregation or audience.

The final idea doesn’t come from this meeting. The dreaming meeting is just for dreaming to then take these ideas to the planners and doers to determine what is viable, appropriate for the congregation and season as well as what resources they have available. Utilizing resources like TripleWide Media to determine what options they have on their table to use in order to spend more time creating what doesn’t yet exist.

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For Nick, he’s more of the doer, the guy who’s putting these ideas all together. He’s taking someone else’s original conference and bringing it to reality. He’s the production guru behind Salt Conference. He takes these concepts and determines what is and isn’t possible. Working in teams, he’s able to bounce feedback and ideas off of one another. Taking the context of what’s needing to be done, and utilizing a holistic look and feel and how does this one piece fit into the larger picture of what is happening. He looks outside the project team to see what can be done.

What’s one live event that’s inspired you? Nick – Eurovision (American Idol for Europe) Just incredible production. For Jason, Serial story, this idea that one story spans multiple episodes. Much like the church, how do we take one story and really span it over time and watch it grow. How do we break 52 unique experiences into one and really take our initial inspiration and morph it into the bigger story?

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