Transforming the Schermerhorn Symphony Center


Transforming the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

How do you go about transforming a modern symphony hall to reflect the character and ambiance of one of NY City’s most iconic hotels? Projection Mapping of course!

Plaza Hotel Inspiration Plaza Hotel Inspiration Symphony Center Entrance Symphony Center Entrance Projector Setup Projector Setup Projector Setup Blank Canvas Alignment Begins Fine Tuning Final Product Final Product
Symphony Center Entrance

Tasked with recreating the classic look of the Park Plaza Hotel on the face of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville, the team at Orange Thread Live partnered with creatives and pixel mapping experts, Meptik, to use projection mapping to create this perfect moment. They brought the ambiance and feel of the Plaza Hotel to downtown Nashville.

The event was a tribute to a memorable experience attendees previously had at the Plaza Hotel. It was important to evoke the perfect atmosphere to transform those in attendance back to the Plaza and stir up the emotions and memories.

Once the scope of the projection the client wanted was determined, we took pictures and measurements of the front of the building and used X-Agora to simulate the projection to determine brightness, projector placement, and number of projectors needed. Then once the content was built it was mapped to the building on-site using Resolume Arena for the processing. Check out some of the schematics from the prep work for the show.

I love how the team took advantage of the architectural features of both buildings to blend them into this creative nod to the Plaza. It is amazing how creativity, visuals, design, and attention to detail can create a specific and amazing environment.


4x Barco R22 22,000 lumen projector
4x Decimator MD-Cross Converter
1x Custom Media Server running Resolume Arena
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