Transform Christmas: A week in Review

Transform Christmas: The Week in Review

As we wrap up the second full week of Transform Christmas, we’re humbled and excited to see so many churches, production companies, artists, and venues creating great environments through the use of multiscreen technology.

Let’s take a look back at what we’ve seen so far. In case you’ve missed anything, we’ve got it all in one convenient location!

The Week in Review

Transform Christmas 2014 Kickoff

Deals –

Three Credit Tuesday from Motions.Pro: Updated

Cyber Monday, All Weekend!

Three Credit Thursday from VJ Loops – Updated

Inspiration –

Simple Christmas

4 Ways to Build Rock Star Volunteers

Tribe Talks –

Inspiration: Tribe Talk Episode 1

LED Strip Tape: Tribe Talk Episode 2

Tech Talk –

TripleHead2Go: The Quick Setup Guide

Media Servers – Luke Irvine, Hillsong


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