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Transform Christmas Logo - 2013

Christmas is right around the corner and I know what you’re thinking… “if TripleWide Media is beating Starbucks (yes they have a countdown!) to the punch on rolling out their Christmas branding, I’ll loose it!” Don’t worry, we’re not going to beat the peppermint mocha this year.

We wouldn’t want to steal them of that honor!

However we do understand that many of our faith-based community members are in the early stages of planning for Christmas and thought it would be fun to highlight this week a few of the ways we at TripleWide Media want to help you Transform Christmas.

Environment is everything. It’s where a story is told. An environment invites people into an experience and welcomes them to play a part in the story being told. We don’t equip you to make environments so that people watch something, but rather we hope people engage in some way with their senses, with their minds and with their eyes.

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We want to create an opportunity to Transform someone or something through environmental projection, multiscreen video staging and/or a ultra-wide video screen.

That’s what Transform Christmas is all about here; creating an atmosphere. We want to help you transform your space this Christmas! For many of you, that simple transformation of physical space will allow you to create an experience that may have a deep transformation on those who attend.

That’s why we have spent the last two years (2011, 2012) filling our site with amazing content, incredible ideas and helpful tips. It’s why we post a new blog everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s why we’re crazy about helping you save money with Three Credit Thursdays and it’s why we created Transform Christmas.

We invite you to join us this year! Help spread the word and let us know if you were one of the many folks this Christmas that made this the year you decided to Transform Christmas.

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