Transform Christmas Preview

Transform Christmas 2018 Preview

I know that Pumpkin Spice is taking over our lives right now, but before you know it the red cups and peppermint mochas will take over. While we aren’t decorating tress or putting up outdoor light displays yet, we do know that it takes time to plan for Christmas. From stage design to storytelling; from set lists to media, it takes time to plan well for your Christmas services.

We just released the first round of Christmas themed media for 2018. From snowy forests to subtle lights streaks, the media for Transform Christmas 2018 will create an amazing backdrop for your Christmas services. Take a look at some of the latest releases below and view all for Christmas (past and present) here: Christmas 2018.

Transform Christmas 2018

We spend a lot of time fielding questions on all types of video and production technologies. This Christmas, we will walk through some of these technologies including LED video, LED Strip Tape, environmental projection and edge blending.

Are you looking for some inspiration? We are going to share some amazing setups and break down the technologies and concepts involved. We’ll share some behind the scenes setups, showcase unique environments, and curate a list of options to help you craft the perfect environment this Christmas.

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Last year, we featured a ton of amazing Christmas media curated into series. We’ll be building on those throughout the season. Additionally, don’t forget about the media we curated for some of the most popular Christmas songs of the past and present.

Stay tuned for more updates and articles as we prepare for Christmas 2018!

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