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Guest Post from Taylor Valarik. Taylor is head of Orange Thread Live. He runs the video production company here in Nashville focusing on video and lighting elements for conferences, dinners, corporate events, concerts, and church gatherings. Thanks Taylor for helping us Transform Christmas!

Past Orange Thread Live Events – Christmas

Christmas is an amazing time of year! Perhaps non more so then for the church. This is the time of year when churches go all out hosting special programs, musicals, dramas, speakers, ceremonies, etc. This is where Orange Thread Live enjoys helping. We have transformed numerous spaces into beautiful cathedrals, mountain ranges, winter wonderlands, and city skylines, all with the use of Environmental Projection.

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That being said, we would like to bring you into an experience we created with one of the churches we had the opportunity to partner with this past Christmas.

This is a church in Mississippi that we work and worship with for their Christmas service every year. We bring in all necessary projection, cabling, converters, computers and our knowledge and expertise in the area of environmental projections to help create not just an event for the service, but to actually transform their service into an immersive Christmas environment to allow worship through breathtaking visuals as they tell the Christmas story.


Here are some pictures from throughout the service. With Environmental Projection, we are able to change environment in the room with the click of a button. It’s quite remarkable what can be done with the right blend of projection, content, music and performance, and when all of these elements work together it creates a truly unforgettable experience.

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The process for a setup like this can be quite extensive, but the basics of this particular setup were three 15k Projectors, specifically placed and edge blended to create a seamless surface that appears as one continuous image. We will be talking a little bit later in the week about how we can do something like this for you this Christmas. We will be explaining more in depth about what we actually do when we come in, as well as the different experiences we are able to create to help you Transform Christmas this year.


Taylor Valarik

Author Taylor Valarik

Taylor is the Head of Live Events for Orange Thread Live. He is a rock star in working with churches, event producers, and facility managers to create environments that people talk about for years to come.

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