Transform Christmas 2018

By November 19, 2018Transform Christmas

Transform Christmas 2018

Welcome to Transform Christmas 2018! We have 5 full weeks leading up to Christmas. You have most likely noticed the most recent Christmas media added to the site. Our producers have been working tirelessly to create new motions, stills, and shooting stunning footage to help you create the amazing environments you work so hard to craft year after year.

For 2018, we are going to spend a lot of time focused on integrating multiscreen designs into creative, DIY, and physical set designs. For example, how do you integrate a triplewide setup within a physical set design? Perhaps, you are focused on Bethlehem this year and and have a Bethlehem set design. Wouldn’t it be great to put up a large syc or use environmental projection to put that set design into that scene using video?

What if you’re focused on a simple narrative and want to use light and color to whose the moods and emotions of Christmas? Perhaps utilizing creative projection mapping to evoke those proper emotions?

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We’re going to dive into all of this and more over the next few weeks. In addition to creative production ideas, we are releasing a ton of new media for Christmas! We’ve already started and will continue leading up to Christmas Eve! Some of the highlights are snow footage and winter motions, stained glass, and cathedrals to help place you in that sacred space. Bookmark our Christmas media page to see what gets added each and every day.

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