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By November 28, 2016Transform Christmas

Transform Christmas 2016 | TripleWide Media

Transform Christmas 2016

Welcome to the home of Transform Christmas 2016! This is our favorite month all year. It’s when we really dive into new ideas, creative technologies, leading your teams well, and much more! For the past five years, we have worked to Transform Christmas for thousands of churches across the country and around the world. Can we help Transform Your Christmas this year?

What to Expect

New Christmas Media – Content is where the story lies. Content is how you ultimately communicate with those in your audience on a visual level. We have over 1,200 unique pieces of Christmas content already on the site with much more to come this year. Stay tuned for daily uploads of amazing Christmas media!

Fresh Ideas – Whether you’re a first timer to Transform Christmas or have been in since the beginning, fresh, new ideas are what really makes for an amazing Christmas experience.

DIY Tips – We’ve featured select DIY tips in the past, but this year we’re going to take them up a notch and give you some clever ideas to help us all think outside the box and come up with creative ideas to help share the Christmas story. From projection and lighting to LED and set design, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

Curated Christmas Content – As much as we talk about the importance of story, it’s not always easy to choose great media for the songs you are going to be suing this Christmas. “Curated Christmas Content” help provide ideas and inspiration for great Christmas songs. Check out the features we did last year to get a jump start on some inspiration.

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Deals – As always, we’ll be hooking you up with amazing Three Credit Thursday deals! These are one day promotions on select pieces of content to help you stretch you credits further than every before.

New Christmas Content

Looking for the latest Christmas Content from TripleWide Media? Check out the sample video below and browse our new Christmas Media!

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