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Welcome to Transform Christmas 2015!

This is our favorite time of year. The opportunity for churches to be more creative than most any other time of year. Whether you’re new to multiscreen or have been with us since the start, you have the chance to create great environments this Christmas season.

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If you’re new to TripleWide Media, Transform Christmas, or just want to look back, here are some of the best posts from the past four years.


The Best Transform Christmas Posts from the first 4 years!

Transform Christmas 2011 – Inspiration: Outside Christmas Projection 

We have shown some incredible videos of projection outside, like the Disneyland, Disney World, Saks Fifth Avenue and the architectural projection video we posted last week. What we haven’t shown is some tangible ideas of how to do this in your space… so we scoured the web to find some pictures of churches who have done outside Environmental Projection. We’re also going to help as much as we can to let you understand how they did this.

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First – I need to thank Stephen Proctor and Camron Ware for letting us use these pictures… make sure to check out their sites and follow them on twitter! …  [read more]





Transform Christmas 2012 – Transforming Tip #3: Visual Backdrops

It’s a lot like those old traditional painted fabric a theatrical production would use, however we are saying to do it with projection instead. Here are a few pictures of theatrical productions that are using projection as a background. We’ve tried to find a wide variety of them, hope this helps give some sort of an idea on what we’re talking about: …  [read more]





Transform Christmas 2013 – Don’t Serve Turkey and Stuffing When You’re a Hamburger Church

12 Creative Production Concepts

Imagine a new restaurant comes to your town—a fast food joint. They know Christmas is a huge food holiday, and they want to get tons of people to know about their restaurant. So they have the brilliant idea to offer a Christmas meal for free. They plan to prepare a big Christmas meal for everyone who walks through their doors and give it away for free. …  [read more]

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Transform Christmas 2014 – LED Strip Tape: Tribe Talk Episode 2

This week, we wanted to tackle this idea of DIY. There’s a lot of DIY projects going around and one of the things that’s most interesting and why we have this colored tape near us is LED Strip Tape. So Nick, where did this idea come from?

Nick’s a really big fan of this. LED Strip Tape is becoming a more affordable option to be able to do some very cool things. This technology was out of grasp and out of reach, and finally you can buy LED Strip Tape in 15 foot rolls and do pretty much anything using the LED Strip Tape. Poeple are making everything from Halloween costumes to set designs. …  [read more]

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Thanks for joining us for this year’s Transform Christmas!

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