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Welcome to Transform Christmas 2014 (#TWMxmas14)

I love Christmas. For the fourth year in a row, we’ve kicked off the Christmas season with a campaign we’ve always called Transform Christmas.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the most popular Christmas Carol, Silent Night and where it originated from. Josef Mohr, the composer, had written the carol’s lyrics as a poem some time before the melody was created. On the evening of December 23 Mohr was walking around a village for some inspiration as their pianist couldn’t make it into the snow-covered village for their Christmas-Eve worship service.

As he arrived to the top of the hill overlooking the village, he decided to sit. Right about then the snow began to fall again and he looked over this incredibly peaceful cold night, the warm lights of each cottage below flickering as spots of soft flakes of snow began to drift over the village like someone had just shook up their favorite snow globe, and he hummed the tune to Silent Night.

It was the transformation of this village with snow and atmosphere that moved him to carry the melody that many of us sing every year. It was the environment that caused him to have a sense of belonging and inspired a moving melody of notes.


This Christmas many in our community will take place in providing hope, joy, mystery and delight for the people in their neighborhoods as they produce, plan and perform the Christmas Story around the entire word. Our hope is that you will literally and figuratively transform your environment. Letting media, set design, lighting, video and other forms of Art speak in a way words and humans simply cannot.

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Introducing Transform Christmas 2014.

So we are going to transform our community as well with Transform Christmas 2014. Every day we’re going to do our best to provide some of the best resources we can to equip you in your quest to create powerful environment this Christmas.  For a glimpse of what’s to come, our team thought it would be fun to pull some of the best posts from last year. Take a look:


Top 5 blogs from Last Year:

1. Environmental Projection as an Accent

Environmental Projection, it’s all the buzz when it comes to Christmas as it has this ability to take people into a new setting with the click of a button and can be one of the most radical ways to transform your Christmas events… (read more)

2. Don’t serve turkey and stuffing when you’re a hamburger church

Imagine a new restaurant comes to your town—a fast food joint … they plan to prepare a big Christmas meal for everyone who walks through their doors and give it away for free. (read more)

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3. Using Dynamics to Create a Visual Story

A few weeks ago I got into a debate with one of the clients our company was working with … they only had a 15 minute set and wanted to “make the most of it” … (read more)

4. Paper to Production: Planning Your Christmas Event

There’s one thing that’s for sure this holiday season, there will be a multitude of christmas events. Planning your christmas event will require a lot of work and for some, that event will be a dream … (read more)

5. Creating a Space for Worship

Every year I get to help design the stage, lighting, and projection for a student conference tour … my role is always fun and challenging because it allows me to see every step of the live environment design process … (read more)

Welcome to Transform Christmas 2014 and our kickoff to the Christmas Season.  Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or bookmark this link to make sure and never miss a single post! Remember… EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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