Top Lists of Christmas Media – BONUS POST

Our team has put together a few lists to help you find more great media this Christmas Season. If you are a regular visitor to TripleWide Media, you already know the key highlights of our community, but we wanted to highlight them here for those who are a little bit newer.

1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.

We don’t believe in you buying media that just fits one need, but rather multiple needs. That’s why at TripleWide Media, every single media purchase made on our site includes three sizes with every download. We don’t charge you extra, we just give them to you. Those three sizes are: a triplewide version, a doublewide version AND on top of that a singlewide version.

There’s two benefits to this:

1. You don’t have to buy media twice for two different applications. if you are doing a triplewide in your main event space or worship center, but you also have a room that only is doing single wide… we’ve got you covered.

2. You get to “future-proof” the content you purchase today by allowing you to have multiple sizes. For example, lets say your just needing “single-screen” visuals right now, but in the future you are considering environmental projection or a triple wide video wall… start buying your media in a way that builds that library now! At no extra cost.

For more on “1 Purchase, 3 Sizes” check out this post.

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Credits Don’t Expire

We have our own currency at TripleWide Media… we call it credits. We use credits so that you can put money into an account with us and have credits that last forever! That’s right. You can purchase 120 credits today for next year’s Christmas and never worry about them loosing value or disappearing form their account.

Credits don’t expire as long as you keep your account active and current. We want this to be more than a store…it’s a community!

Media Never Expires

Along with your credits never expiring, you will always have a cloud backup of everything you buy on TripleWide Media. When you purchase a still image, motion, stock footage or a countdown from us, the media will show up in your “my media” folder immediately. From there you will be able to download the resolution you want, when you want it. Forever.

Don’t be misled by “disappearing” downloads… that doesn’t happen on TripleWide Media.
That is just a few reasons why we think TripleWide Media is the leader in stock media, motion backgrounds, video loops, still images and more. Now we would love to share some of the top lists of TripleWide Media this Christmas:


10 Most Popular Visuals From Christmas 2011

1. Bokeh Majesty – Church Motion Graphics
2. Blue Falling Flakes – Playback Media
3. Colorful Christmas Lights – Kreativity
4. Merry Christmas Still – Soul Hope Studio
5. Snow Falling (Slow) – Playback Media
6. Snow Covered Tree Line – Cautious Creative
7. Blue Christmas Lights – Kreativity
8. Winter Forest – Playback Media
9. Night Sky – Igniter Media
10. Star of David 2 – Playback Media

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Top Staff Picks Never Purchased.

1. Simple Flake 2 – Playback Media
2. Splendorful Awakening – Church Motion Graphics
3. Forest Snowfall – Sky Light Pictures
4. Christmas Sky 04 – Centerline New Media
5. Christmas Lights 07 – Centerline New Media
6. Snowflake Burst – PixelGirl Media

Top Selling Christmas Collections

1. Platinum Christmas Digital Bundle – Playback Media
2. Blue Sparkle Bundle – PixelGirl Media
3. Sacred Christmas Bundle – Playback Media.
4. Advent Remix Bundle – Church Motion Graphics.
5. Holiday Bundle – PixelGirl Media.


We hope that these lists help you find the Christmas media you need! Feel free to view all of our best sellers here. We’ll be back with more Transforming Christmas posts on Monday! Stay tuned.


Luke McElroy

Author Luke McElroy

Luke McElroy is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to TripleWide Media, SALT Conferences and Orange Thread LIVE. He is the author of The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement. Hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine in 2013, Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful worship environments for thousands of Church communities throughout the entire world. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and regularly writes about creativity, leadership and faith at 

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