Top 5 Live Event Production Tips

Live Event Production and Stock Media tips for event planners

Here at TripleWide Media, everything seems to revolve around providing media, tips and tricks for live event production and multiscreen video setups. The Live Event is what separates us from almost all the other stock media sites. We love live events, we work in them, we’re always dreaming and always trying to surround ourselves with others in the live events world.

TripleWide Media is becoming the Live Event’s Stock Media company.

When it comes to doing production for live events, there are a thousand things to remember, here are our top 5 tips for Live Event Production:

1. Attitude Is More Important than Competency

We understand that the budget is one of the most driving aspects in creating a great event. However the most important thing you can have at any live event is great people! From the countless number of live events I’ve been a part of, I can tell you that attitude trumps competency. It’s better to work with someone who is great with people, happy to be around and willing to do whatever it takes to solve the problem than the jerk who is an ego-manic.  Just because you [think you] know everything, doesn’t mean your the guy or girl I want on my team.

Hire for attitude. It will pay off dividends with the other members on the team as well as the client who hired you. There is something contagious about finishing an event with those who are just quality people. Your team reflects you, make sure you bring on the best people you can and hire attitude over competency.


2.  Value The Event’s Visual Look.

We live in a visual world. And our visuals don’t just rely on the shoulders of one person anymore. Your lighting and video teams have to work hand in hand like never before. Place value on creating a visual backdrop that leverages lighting and video. Make sure to get stock media or motion backgrounds (maybe from TripleWide Media) that will align with the patterns and/or looks of your lighting rig.

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Think more like Disney World, where they create immersive innovative environments, than a Home Depot where it’s function over design. Both have their place, but when it comes to a live event… the ones that are most visually stunning, the ones with the best video content or the ones that have a great balance of media and lighting are the ones who get published, shared, tweeted and liked on Facebook.


3.  Avoid Audio sight lines.

One of the things our team and many of the organizations we’ve worked with recently have focused on is the visual appeal of the audio at an event. I’m a believer that a great sound system is the one that never gets noticed. If it’s noticed, then it’s in the way or it doesn’t sound good. I don’t say this to degrade or demote audio, but rather the expectation that you must have it sounding great and not be in the direct path of your video screens or media displays.

Walk through your stage design with your front of house engineer months or weeks before your live event to make sure that they know how to hang the array or system in a manner that plays beautifully into your system. Just avoid audio sight line issues.


4.  Understand Your Live Event’s Venue Limitations

The greatest source of troubles always exist in expecting the event space to provide something it simply can’t provide. What’s the weight rating of the roof? Has the fire alarm system been tested with fog or haze? Is there any sort of areas on the floor that may have a floor pocket for a basketball arena or hole for a volleyball net? Is there any power issues or is the venue providing load in hands?

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All of these are things that help you prepare well, but the worst case is when you think that a building can hang something and in reality it can not. Don’t risk in areas like this, you put yourself and all the attendees of your live event in jeopardy.


5. Serve Great Catering to your Crew.

For the love of all things live events, please serve great meals for your events. It’s the greatest gift you can give to your production crew and they’ll love you in return. When you have 10-15 hour days, the last thing you really want is some lasagna. You want a hearty meal that is full of flavor.

Another way to impress your crew is to have coffee and or caffeine options available. Food is energy and energy is what allows the team to get things done. A happy team works faster (it’s basically fact, although we’re only speaking out of past experiences). Lets be honest, the thing most people remember is BAD food… and so lets just make sure they remember something other than the food.


That’s just a few things to keep in mind. We want to support Live Events however we can, so if you’re ever doing a concert, festival, musical event, corporate and/or non profit event… TripleWide Media is devoted to helping provide the best in stock media and visual backgrounds. Let us know if there is anything we can do in the further to help!

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