Before I jump into today’s post I just want to pause and say WOW! Yesterday was the single largest day, in terms of unique visitors to the site, we’ve seen since we began over 2 years ago. It’s fun to think that this multi-screen movement is growing! For those who have been around TripleWide Media for a while, THANK YOU for helping to get the word out on twitter, facebook and blogs! For those who are new… welcome aboard! We can’t wait to continue down this journey together.

If today is your first day on TripleWide and you’ve never heard about the Transform Christmas campaign make sure to check out our other blogs (yesterday we shared all of our favorite toys!). Today, we get to partner with our friends over at Church Stage Design Ideas to give you some great ideas on how to make a stage design that is unique, different and may help you transform Christmas for your community.

We asked Jonathan Malm (lead wizard behind to put together the top 5 Stage Designs that incorporate a “transforming” atmosphere. I hope that you can dig through these stage layouts and try something visual this Christmas. Something that will speak to hearts, art that will compliment the music or message.

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Here’s the Top 5:


Number 5: Project: Boxes
Church: Fairfax Community Church

They made this stage design happen with a bunch of boxes and two projectors (one left and one right). They masked out the boxes in photoshop and projected visuals on them. *Plus they’re a part of the TripleWide Media community! (Read More…)


Number 4: Crowning Around
Church: Northland Church

This set was made possible by three projectors on the back wall, some fabric swags hanging from the ceiling, and some gator board cut to look like crowns.
(Read More…)


Number 3: Stuck in a Bubble
Church: Hope Community Church

For this design they hung square pieces of foam core from their ceiling. They masked out each square and projected their series graphics onto each one using a Matrox TripleHead2Go and three projectors. (Read More…)  (Please note, we no longer sell the TripleHead2Go. Here’s a great option for purchase from Amazon.)


Number 2: Offset
Church: River Run Christian Church

This design was a combination of hung wood furring strips and a fun use of a single projector. They made four wooden planks, hung them from the ceiling, then masked them out in ProPresenter. Then they just made sure each line of text was aligned to one plank.
(Read More…)

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Number 1: Hanging TV’s
Church: Northview Church

This design incorporated a whole bunch of Mac Mini’s running ProPresenter. Each plasma TV was powered by one, which was controlled by a Mac Mini in Master mode at front of house (Read More…)

There are some incredibly cool ideas in these posts by Church Stage Design Ideas. I think you’ll find a lot of incredibly useful tips, tricks and tools to be able to apply to your christmas planning.


Want to get some stage design goodness going on at your church, but don’t know where to start? Check out CSDI’s free e-book starter kit. It’s available to download here.


Stay tuned for tomorrow… we’ve got a special deal for you that includes 75% off, motion background and one of our top selling producers. But we can’t say anymore. DO NOT MISS TOMORROW!


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