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Top 5 Blogs in 2013 on TripleWide Media

Here at TripleWide Media, it’s not only about content. Our hope is to inspire (through posts like Monday Mapping and the Olympics), resource (through some of the best stock media and multiscreen content on the web) and educate (through posts like what is environmental projection and how to make your own video screen). We thought it would be fun to go back through our posts of 2013 and see what our most popular post are.

TripleWide Media Blog Quick Numbers:

Number of Monday Mapping Posts: 48
Number of Total Blog Posts: 130
Most Popular Category: Examples & Setup Ideas
Number of Shares Via Social Media: 966

So here are the top 5 most popular posts of 2013 starting with number 5 and working to the most popular post.

Number 5: How to Make a Multiscreen Masterpiece

How To Make a Multiscreen Masterpiece

Take a journey with James Nordon of Colourful Church as they designed a multiscreen video setup. Check out his drawings, renderings, pictures and software settings. Great post James!

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Total Views: 582
Total Shares: 11


Number 4: Creating an Environment with Projection for your Easter Service

Creating an Environment with Projection

A glimpse at what Easter can look like by showcasing 6 of our very own communities Easter stage designs. However these are all stage designs that incorporate projection. Teddy Cheek helps us see how projection can help create an environment in any of our stage designs.

Total Views: 645
Total Shares: 54

Number 3: OS X Mavericks, Good or Bad for Multiscreen?

OSX Mavericks Multiscreen

A big release this year was Apple’s newest Mavericks operating system. We took a look at the both good and bad parts of it to find out if it was something that was going to help the multiscreen movement. Take a look at our findings.

Total Views: 701
Total Shares: 10

Number 2: Projection Mapping in Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise)

Oblivion Projection Mapping

This year was a big year in movies, no question. Multiscreen and projection mapping seemed to be everywhere. Take a look inside Tom Cruise and Oblivion on how a lot of the movie was actually created inside a projected virtual world.

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Total Views: 1364
Total Shares: 49

Number 1: DIY: Making a Rear Project Screen

DIY Video Screens

The DIY (do it yourself) movement has always been around, but it seemed that 2013 was the year of DIY projects. We decided to enter the game and help you learn how to create your own video screen with stuff you can pick up at Home Depot.

Total Views: 2,494
Total Shares: 15





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