The Power of Texture in Mult-Screen Setups.

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Yesterday we started a series of post talking about the 4 tips to choosing and creating a library of multi-screen content. Keep these in mind as you search for content, grow your library or decide what content to use. I have called them the 4 factors of content in the past; today is tip number 2.

Tip #2: Texture.

This is for everyone. If you only have two single wide screens in your room and use ProPresenter or Media Shout, this post is for you as well.

Texture adds depth. Texture makes things look real. Textures bring out contrast and dynamics. These are vital no matter what you are doing visually. Often times in worship or in an event we don’t need a looping motion with fast lines or mountains to create an atmosphere. Sometimes we need something a bit more abstract or still or real. We need a texture. Textures help create environments.

The right image or texture may be exactly what you need in any given moment. With the right texture, you can take a room with white walls and transform it to look like a cathedral or sanctuary:

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Instead of just singing a reverent and modern hymn, we can actually transform our rooms and bring them there. Another use of texture is to bring people into a natural place… maybe we can add a road and transform the room into the actual journey of life we are all walking on together. Instead of just singing or talking about it, we’re actually THERE!



Or maybe we just need to add a brick texture or broken concrete and add some depth to the visual presence in the room. It doesn’t matter what the texture is as long as you are thinking about texture when creating your experiences. You see, a powerful image with rich detail and texture can add a whole lot more atmosphere than motion backgrounds can at times.

I’m not saying all images are better than motions either. This goes into account there as well. Always be thinking about texture, contrast, detail and depth when you are curating your libraries.

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In Short:

A powerful, well-textured image will bring more environment than most motions will.


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