The time has finally come for us the anticipated release of Luke McElroy’s first book on multiscreen and video staging. That’s right, it’s here, The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement. It’s only $10! We would highly recommend checking it out.

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The version we’re offering will include the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle, Nook, Android, Macintosh (computer) and windows (computer) version for only $10. That’s EVERYTHING! Of course you’re welcome to jump over to Amazon or Apple and purchase it there if you don’t want all of these extra goodies.

What’s inside:

Inside The Wide Guide, You’ll find it full of ideas, insight, detailed diagrams, pictures, ways to save money and a detailed look into the most common multiscreen video setups in the industry. Every Chapter includes a picture of the setup from one of our friends, an overview of the technology used including advice from Luke’s personal experiences, pro’s and con’s list for that specific design, list of ways to save money when trying to setup this design and finally, a blueprint of how to set it up.

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Who’s it written for?

The Wide Guide was written for all sort of creatives that are involved in the planning or execution of creative video applications… Here are just a few people that will find the greatest benefit by owning The Wide Guide:

• Stage Designers
• Video Engineers
• Event Planners
• Concert Producers
• Corporate Event Organizers
• Production Companies
• Non-Profit Fundraiser Committee Leads
• Creative Directors & Dreamers
• Church Tech Directors & VJ’s
• Theatrical Directors & Set Designers.
• Video Nerds and Forward Thinkers!


To buy The Wide Guide
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Don’t miss out on this great resource. Show up to your next meeting with a leg up on Multiscreen technology!

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