The Season of Lent

By February 28, 2017Easter

The Season of Lent | TripleWide Media

The Season of Lent

The Easter season is officially underway at TripleWide Media. We will be here for the next month and a half discussing ways to celebrate the season, observe traditions, transform environments, and create amazing moments for your congregations. Today, we’re discussing the Season of Lent.

As we dig into this season, the season of Lent is an opportunity to prepare yourself, your team, and your community for the story to be told. From Ash Wednesday, through the Last Supper, the road to calvary, the cross, and ultimately the resurrection, we have an amazing opportunity and responsibility to effectively communicate this amazing story. How will you prepare for Easter weekend?

Push Pause

During the season of Lent, many commit to fasting as a means of adding focus and sacrifice to their own life in order to focus. Take this time to help your community pause to reflect on this season. Create an atmosphere of simplicity and reverence that gives them space to breath and consider the story about to unfold. Maybe you need to take some time to turn it off, strip things down, or simply create a peaceful atmosphere.

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Create Focus

Using a certain still image, texture, or subtle motion can create the perfect atmosphere for your services. We spend a lot of time creating big productions, unique environments, and adding creative elements to our spaces. But what if we stopped and used on texture, one still, or one design to create focus. The season of Lent allows us to do that. It’s a natural opportunity to follow the steps of Jesus as he paused in the wilderness to fast, pray, and prepare for the cup he was given.


Take the season of Lent not just to prepare for Easter Sunday, but to create an environment that allows people to prepare their hearts for the coming days. As part of the Vantage Points of Easter, here are a few motions to get you started.

Media for The Season of Lent

Ash Lent | TripleWide Media Sketched Dust 03 | TripleWide Media Sacred Savior 1 Still | TripleWide Media

Stay tuned all Easter season with the Vantage Point series as week take a journey on the road to Calvary.

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