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For the many of you who are Creative Directors at a Church or the tech person/volunteer in charge of making the visual media for the Easter season happen, I wanted to share a bit on some of the “images” that surround the Easter season. Today I’ll discuss five central images and offer a few examples of each.

1. The Cross.

There is no symbol more central to the Christian Church than the cross. The entire Christian faith is based upon this powerful image, and the Easter season reminds us of why the image carries so much weight. The cross represents Christ’s gift of love, His passion, His sacrifice, and His coming resurrection.


 “Calvary” by Overflow Media Group

Three Crosses

“Three Crosses” by Life Scribe Media

Sacred Cross 2

“Sacred Cross 2” by Playback Media

2. The Storm.

As Jesus hung on the cross clouds rolled and the skies became pitch black. Visuals of a storm represent the beginnings of death and sadness in the world, and also the coming redemption. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn and it’s powerful to remember the darkness that swept the land three days before the miracle of the Resurrection.

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Dark Days“Dark Days” by Church Motion Graphics

Rain Clouds

“Rain Clouds” by Brian Garcia


3. The Death. 

Good Friday is one of the most misunderstood concepts in our culture today. How could the day Jesus died be “good”? It’s good because of what and who He died for. Good Friday is a critical piece of the Easter story and full of vibrant images that allow us to feel and experience the sadness of His death. His death had to happen before the resurrection could… and we have plenty of powerful images that speak into this part of the story.

Stations of the Cross“Stations of the Cross” by worshipVJ

3 Crosses

“3 Crosses” by Church Motion Graphics

4. The Tomb.
The tomb paints a critical picture of waiting, perseverance and holiness. The silence before Easter creates a rising passion and points us towards the importance of faith. The tomb reminds us to wait patiently for the Lord and his perfect timing…all the while building towards the coming celebration.

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Good Friday“Good Friday” by Fight the Current

Empty Tomb

“Empty Tomb” by Simply Still

5. The Resurrection. 

Joy. Gladness. Life. Alive. Risen. Holy. God. Celebration. Worship. Glory. The resurrection has some of the most amazing emotions tied to it. Easter isn’t a down season, in fact it’s the beginning of new life. It’s the hope of a life everlasting. Our media should reflect that excitement and joy! Here are just a few our team likes that capture the joy of this day.

The Resurrection“The Resurrection” by Playback Media

He Is Risen

“He Is Risen” by Soul Hope Studio

Here at TripleWide Media we hope to partner with you as we Transform Easter. We are excited that you are a part of our community and would love to hear how you are transforming Easter. Let us know!

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