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The Spring CollectionWe take the quality of our content very seriously here at TripleWide Media. It’s because we want to make the process of finding the right motion, still, and countdown as easy as possible, and it’s our hope that every search brings creative and quality results.

With spring upon us we’d like to take a quick second and show you some of the best seasonal content on our site. We truly believe that we’ve found the best visual content artists in the world and we can’t help but want to show these guys off! The art below comes to us from 7 different artists and is some of our favorites from the Spring Collection. We hope you enjoy the pastels, clouds, flowers, and meadows.

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Staff Picks:

Spring Clouds 2Spring Clouds 2” by Life Scribe Media

This beautiful piece features the realism of rolling clouds but also brings in a filtered and artistic element. The pastels and shapes merge the timeless and modern. Click here to check out more from Life Scribe Media.

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Through The TreesThrough The Trees” by Joe Cavazos Design

This still image is perfect for environmental projection and multi-screen. A piece like this can be used to transport viewers to a whole new world. No, I’m not referring to Aladdin. Check out more from Joe Cavazos Design.

FieldField” by Igniter Media

A motion background like this speaks for itself. From the color depth to the use of light it’s an incredible piece. This beautiful spring day is brought to us by Igniter Media.

Warm Urban CitylineWarm Urban Cityline” by nicholasrivero

This beautiful skyline view is brought to us by nicholasrivero. This urban inspired still image is both grungy and bright.

Sketched FlowerSketched Flower” by Playback Media

Hopefully you can see how much we value diversity in our artists. We love this still’s rough sketched feel and the look of the black ink on the bright, aged backdrop. See more from Playback Media.

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TransitionTransition” by Overflow Media Group

“Transition” by Overflow Media Group is an abstract and interesting piece. It can be used to convey a variety of messages and emotions.

Pink StreaksPink Streaks” by Pixel Girl Media

Pixel Girl Media stocks our library with numerous creative animations. The bright beams of light coming from the corner electrify this bold motion background.

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