The Atmosphere of Easter

By April 12, 2017Easter

Atmosphere of Easter | TripleWide Media

The Atmosphere of Easter

The atmosphere of Easter can and should go beyond lilies, eggs, baskets, and new clothes. Inherently, there’s nothing wrong with any of that, but that’s not what we’ve been called to do. As visual artists, liturgists, storytellers, and creatives, we are called to transform environments and tell stories that change lives.

We want to help you find some great media that will do just that. So below, we’ve curated a small sample of some great content showcasing five visuals styles for Easter. Take a look and see what this sparks in you.

5 Visual Styles for the Atmosphere of Easter

Vibrant Clouds

Clouds do a couple of things. They point focus towards the heavens and expand your canvas in a massive way. Something about the visuals of clouds can take people out of a square, blank room and send them soaring in the skies with a simple click of your mouse.

Painted Clouds | TripleWide Media Crisp Blue Clouds | TripleWide MediaDramatic Clouds | TripleWide Media Colorful Spring Clouds 04 | TripleWide Media

The Empty Tomb

Celebrate the resurrection and meaning behind Easter by projecting the empty tomb. One of the major focal points behind Easter that points to the victory of the cross.

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Painted Easter 02 | TripleWide Media Resurrection Sunday 2 | TripleWide MediaThe Empty Tomb | TripleWide Media The Tomb of Christ | TripleWide Media

The Empty Cross

Much like the empty tomb, celebrate the empty cross with your congregation. It’s simple to miss this part of the message on Easter Sunday. The celebration and resurrection came at a cost.

Calvary | TripleWide Media Sunset Crosses Close | TripleWide MediaEaster Sunrise Cross | TripleWide Media 3 Crosses & Clouds Timelapse | TripleWide Media


Thousands of churches across the country and around the world will celebrate Easter with a sunrise service. Bring that indoors or to your different service times with this simple, yet vibrant sunrise options.

Above the Hills | TripleWide Media Easter Morning Sky 1 | TripleWide MediaEaster Sky Blank | TripleWide Media Sunrise over Rocky Mountain Range | TripleWide Media

Abstract Design

Finally, take your celebration to new heights with abstract design. Embrace the celebration and joy of Easter through these high energy, abstract designs.

Easter Colors Cloud | TripleWide Media Particles Rays Easter 06 | TripleWide MediaHighest | TripleWide Media Blissed Hills | TripleWide Media

If you are looking for more media to transform your space this weekend, take a look at the full collection of Easter here as well as our 12 curated lists for the Vantage Points of Easter

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