The 5 Essential Blend Grids for Projection

If you work with projectors, you know that getting them aligned just right requires a lot of patience. But with the right blend grids, this process can become much more simple. Weather it’s aligning one projector or trying to blend and color correct three that are edge blended on one giant screen, take a look at our 5 essential blend grids for projection.


1. Alignment Grid.

essential grids for projection - Alignment GridThis is THE essential blend grid for projection, hands down. Without it you’ll have a tough time making sure that keystone is correct and the image seems flat to the projector screen or surface. When using this, you’ll be able to square up every corner, and make sure all your lines are straight. I always start with this, too make sure that the projector doesn’t warp, bend or angle in any way.

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2. Broadcast Color Bars.

essential grids for projection - Color BarsIt seems like every projector has a slightly different color profile. And that’s more obvious on the lower end projectors. One of the first steps to getting great looking projection images, is to make sure that your colors match, and they represent the entire spectrum accurately. We can use this color bar pattern from TripleWide Media to accomplish this task with much greater ease. You can also see why this would come in handy for those doing edge blending or multiscreen, since the projectors would be so close to each other. Thus, these are essential blend grids for projection of any kind.

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3. Horizontal Grey Bars.

Grey-Horizontal-Bars-for-Projection-1Especially with edge blending and environmental projection, it’s important to correct the gamma, brightness and contrast ratios across all the projectors, in a way that matches one another. This is easiest to do when we use the horizontal grey bars, and that’s why we’ve put this on our list as one of the essential bend grids for projection.

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4. Horizontal Color Bars.

Color-Horizontal-Bars-for-Projection-1Similar to the grey horizontal bars, the color bars, are the next step. Instead of the broadcast color bars which use colors in a vertical fashion, this allows for you to see if the color is consistent across all your projection surfaces. Sometimes you need to tweak some settings if one wall is a different color, or if one of your projectors is significantly older or a different model. Use this essential blend grid for projection and this will make this super easy to ensure quality colors across your edge blending or environmental projection

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5. Moving Color Bars.

Moving-Color-Bars-Projection-1Once you have all of your projection elements aligned and in place, this essential blend grid for projection allows us to check the sync on all your sources. If one projector is delayed, or setup in the wrong orientation, etc we’ll notice it by using the moving color bars. Essentially this is the same broadcast color bars, with it moving in a diagonal direction to ensure sync across all your units. Check it out here:

Moving Color Bars


That’s it. Your 5 essential blend grids for projection, that will make you look like an expert and start perfecting your alignment of projection on any event you’re on. Let us know if you need anything else by contacting our team. We’d be happy to help.

Luke McElroy

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