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Ever get the bug to just try something new and have some fun? That happened to us last week. The TripleWide Media team and the Orange Thread Live team had a couple days between events. Sometimes it gets a little crazy when that happens. We recently got a few new monitors in the office and decided to see just how many outputs we could push from one of our MacBook Pro Retinas. I mean, yeah, we’re all about TripleWide around here, but the more the merrier, right?

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Testing out different mapping patterns…because it’s fun! More than that, it gives us an opportunity to test setup styles and ideas on a small platform before getting out large format projectors, etc. Also a great opportunity to test out some of the trial versions of some great VJ software.

Consider getting a few cheap 720 TV’s that you can work on projection mapping and multiscreen setups. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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So, we knew we could use a TripleHead2Go and a DataPath X4 separately, but weren’t sure this computer could handle running them both. Well, to our delight it rocked out the 8 outputs with relative ease. Wait…3 from the TripleHead + 4 from the Datapath = 7. Right? Yeah, but of course we have the HDMI output on the computer and had to add that into the equation as well. (Please note, we no longer sell the TripleHead2Go. Here’s a great option for purchase from Amazon.)

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At this point, we were determined to see just how many outputs we could have running from one computer. Sitting just a couple feet from our pile of fun was a 42″ LCD and an Apple TV. And then there were 9 outputs.

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The Apple TV was a little delayed and it took us some tinkering to get the display lined up as well as we could, but running a single motion across 9 screens was working (although stability wise, we wouldn’t recommend running this for a live event.)

Oh yeah, we still had two stage display adapters and two more monitors in the office that weren’t in use yet. Now this is where things got interesting and I think one of our staff even made a trip to the storage unit to get some more cables we needed.

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The stage displays  stretched this test as far as we could push it. (Regardless of the fact that we were out of output options and monitors.) The motion definitely got a little jumpy as the computer was maxing out all it had to process. But, it hung on and ran the clip over 11 outputs!

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At the end of the day, sometimes you just got to get the boss behind the controls.

We’d love to see what you’re working on! Send an email to Tim with pics, drawings, videos of projection mapping, multiscreen, and environmental projection projects you’ve got going on. Would love to see them and showcase them here on the site.

It was a fun afternoon here at TripleWide Media. If you’re interested in testing these applications out on your own or grabbing some great gear, check out the Orange Thread Store.

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    I love the experimentation here!!! I have an extra THead2Go, so I may have to put it to work! Gotta get some budget for Pro Video Player too 😉

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