Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse

Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse | TripleWide Media

Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse

We had a fun week last week with our write-up on the Super Bowl Half-time Show. We came across this Time-Lapse and just had to share it with the community. It’s amazing how many people it took to pull off this production. From someone who watched it live on TV, you never knew all that was going on behind the scenes.

Pay particular attention to the beginning and the end. I bet many of you feel the same way working live events, church services, tours, and more. It’s like a bunch of ants pushing around a lot of moving parts. Keep up the good work! We know how much behind the scenes means to the big picture. Enjoy the Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse!

Isn’t it crazy how much took place over the course of just a few minutes? That’s a lot of work, people, resources, and moving parts! Setup a time-lapse of your next event. I promise you’ll be in awe of how much work goes into the process.

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Looking for great new content for your multiscreen setup, environmental projection, LED wall, or projection mapping? We’ve got you covered. The TripleWide Media producers have been killing it these past couple of months. We’ve got hundreds of new pieces of content for you guys just in time for spring, Easter, and pushing into summer.

New Content

Here’s a few of the newest pieces. Check out all the latest uploads here and stay tuned for more to come.

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We’re going to have a busy spring here at TripleWide Media. Lots of blogs, new products, and more coming your way. Stay connected by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page. We’d love to have you join the conversation.

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