Starbucks Technology Breakdown: Multi-Screen Video Production

We love to share really neat stories about Triple Wide in action in our everyday world to help show that this multi-screen movement is bigger than just in churches on sunday mornings. In doing so, hopefully these pictures and setups can give you ideas and inspiration on how to impact your communities.


Today we get a chance to dig into Starbucks Leadership Conference where they used a triple wide resolution for a couple of different locations at their event. To date, this was the largest and most comprehensive show for the Starbucks Corporation and even included a special appearance from Bono himself (lead singer of band, U2).

The group used a wide array of technology to pull the main room off and entertain over 10,000 people in the New Orleans Arena. The side screens were two 18×32 Rear Project screens with a 20’x66′ Ultra Wide LED wall in the back. They used the Folsom Encore system to map out all the resolutions and process all media to the various places it needed to be including Picture-in-Picture for the center screen when using both IMAG and a presentation from PowerPoint.

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In some of the other rooms the production company, AV Concepts, used a variety of multi-screen applications as well. The elaborate exhibit area connected to the arena housed a number of multi-screen applications including the 360˚ Projection Screen with two stretched triple wide resolution images on both sides. (pictured above)  Other setups included a 30 LCD monitor chandelier unit where it had custom-made 8-track audio to provide a specific environment for each participant that passed by.

They also set up a theatre in the Morial Convention Center where they used another ultra widescreen projection edge blend. The total size of this screen was 18×32 and was projected with an edge blend consisting of three Christie HD18K projectors each ringing in at 18,000 lumens. An amazing feat to say the least, and they didn’t hold back on both creativity and design. Using nothing but the best technology and the highest quality projection, the Startbucks Leadership Conference sure looked mighty impressive from pictures, I would have dreamed of being in the same room as some of this gear.

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Pretty impressive to say the least. If you see any incredible designs and want to know how they did it, Send them our way! We’ll do our best to investigate what technology they used and post it here. If nothing else, we’ll be sure to share it with the rest of the community as a way of inspiring and equipping the multi-screen generation! Send those to

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