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By December 31, 2012Featured Videos

New Years Collection of Media from TripleWide Media

With today being the last day of 2012, we have decided to end the year with the 5 best visuals for the New Year. If you’re wanting to kick off the new year with style, we would recommend checking out these visuals from some of our top producers.

You can also check out the entire New Year’s collection we have at TripleWide Media by clicking the banner above or this link. May you have a wonderful rest of 2012 and here’s to 2013!


1. New Year’s Ball Digital Bundle

Produced By: Playback Media
Media Link: Click Here.

New Years Ball Digital Bundle by Playback Media


2. Fresh Start Bundle

Produced By: Church Motion Graphics
Media Link: Click Here.

Fresh Start Collection by Church Motion Graphics


3. Fireworks

Produced By: Igniter Media
Media Link: Click Here.

Fireworks by Igniter Media


4. Colorful Glitter

Produced By: Pixel Girl Media
Media Link: Click Here.

Colorful Glitter by Pixel Girl Media


5. Refresh Collection

Produced By: Overflow Media Group
Media Link: Click Here.

Refresh Collection by Overflow Media Group


This list should give you a head start on planning for your 2013 celebrations. We just want to say Thank You for being so actively involved in our community. This site wouldn’t be able to exist if you weren’t a part of it.

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Let us know what media you’re using to kick off the new year!

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