Speed of your Motions and Environmental Projection

Speed of Your Motions and Environmental Projection | TripleWide MediaSpeed of your Motions and Environmental Projection

Motion backgrounds come in a variety of styles, speeds, and colors. We’ve talked a lot about color and tone for your message. Today, I want to dive into the speed of your motions and how environmental projection will affect the usage. Here are a few items to remember and consider when choosing speed for your EP motions!

Size Exaggerates Speed

Think about when you are viewing a motion on your laptop. You are looking at a small screen and the preview is about 10 inches wide. A particle or light ray that goes from side to side over a second will travel your 150′ wall of EP in that same amount of time. Speed is a huge factor in choosing your motions for environmental projection.

Whether it’s the expanse of the cosmos, a time-lapse of a field, or the rustle of trees, everything will appear to move faster with EP.

Speed for the Moment

When choosing your motions, consider the song, moment, story, or overall tone of the moment. Beyond simply looking at the speed or composition, you will want to find the right motion. Most programs allow you to it the speed. (Remember it’s easier to speed up a motion than slow it down…slowing a motion too much can make it choppy as you’ll begin to see the individual frames.)

Regardless of the size of your EP setup, you’ll need to think about the speed of your motions. Environmental projection should enhance your setup, not distract those in your congregation.

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Embrace the Energy

There will be times and moments with environmental projection, as stated above, where energy is needed. Whether it’s a fast song, a high point in your service, or a big celebration, you can take EP and use a faster motion to kick up the energy. Fast motion can bring a tremendous amount of energy regardless of your setup.

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