Sky Full of Stars Projection Mapping (#164)


Sky Full of Stars Projection Mapping (#164)

Are you looking for creative inspiration for this Christmas season? Check out today’s Monday Mapping featuring Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, WA. This incredible use of projection mapping and stage design combined to create a memorable event for Christmas.

The video below breaks out some of the elements while showing the full stage setup to give you an idea of how the idea was masked in to fit the stage design.

Looking for more information? Check out the rest of our Monday Mapping series here and get ready for our annual Transform Christmas series here at TripleWide Media.

Projection Mapping Content

While this team created a lot of their own content, here are some options that would work in this setup for your event.

Frost Covered Needles | TripleWide Media Starfield Loop | TripleWide Media Blue Planet | TripleWide MediaTissue Paper Yellow | TripleWide Media Marble | TripleWide Media Fresh snow on Pine Tree | TripleWide MediaFresh snow on Pine Tree Still | TripleWide Media Stars 8 | TripleWide Media Geometric Colors Green | TripleWide MediaStained Glass Teal | TripleWide Media Star Background | TripleWide Media Three Peaks | TripleWide MediaWinter Wonderland Mountains | TripleWide Media Earth 02 - Daylight | TripleWide Media Time Lapse Mountain Reveal | TripleWide Media

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