Simple Multiscreen Suggestions

Simple Multiscreen Setups


Multiscreen can be very complex, but it doesn’t have to be. To create a great environment for your events, youth ministry or worship services, all you need to do is a few simple things. Today I thought it would be fun to showcase what we do at my youth ministry and show some simple multiscreen suggestions we’ve picked up over the years.


1. Single Screen Multiscreen.

I wrote about multiscreen without buying a screen the other day, but going a bit further, another way to do multiscreen is to only use one projector. Remember it’s multiSCREEN not multiPROJECTION, which means we can get creative with just one output. That’s exactly what my church and youth ministry do on a weekly basis. We have a large format projector in the middle of the room. The key is to mask your projection image well.

Masking is the art of projecting black onto the areas you don’t want your image to show up. For example, like the picture below that has several columns, we created a mask to only allow the image from our computer to show up on the areas of the canvas columns. It’s basically like a cookie cutter on top of your image forcing your output to be black in several key places.

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Here’s a few examples of what our Church has done with single screen multiscreen:


2. Five Screens, One Computer.

This may sound complex, but for a youth ministry retreat a few years ago we wanted to add environmental projection to a room that already had three screens(which is also a very simple system to get setup). Take a look at the picture below to get a sense of what we did. Here’s the blog we wrote to describe the system layout.


3. Match The Side And Center Screens.

A great environment doesn’t have to always include an image that spans multiple surfaces. One of the ways we do this at our Church is to make sure that our side screens (16×9 now) are matching to our giant center screen. This allows us to expand our environment without having to run a bunch of new cable and change the layout from Sunday morning services, since we’re in a shared space. Here are a few pictures:

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