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We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to SALT Nashville. Yesterday our parent company, Orange Thread Media, announced SALT 2013 which will be a visual worship conference taking place in Nashville October 21-23. If you are looking for a place to gain inspiration, ideas, and training then you should check out the video below.

Be Unique, Be Excellent, Be Collaborative and Be Contagious.

The Bible calls us to be unique and to live out of contextual creativity. However, the culture we live in makes it easy to see what’s working in another church and simply copy it. God has crafted each of us with unique gifts and talents. When we choose to ignore those, we hinder the growth of our teams, ourselves and the communities we lead. Being unique means creating art that reflects the context of our local community.

We’re also called as a Church to be excellent. Excellent doesn’t mean a perfect, flawless performance; it’s a posture of the heart. When we understand that God wants our heart before our art, we live in the freedom of creating great art without the pressure of perfection.

Life is meant to be lived in the context of relationships. When we create in isolation we risk burnout, loneliness, becoming prideful and ultimately an unhealthy spiritual life. We must be collaborative in our Visual Worship and operate within the structure of community. Even if you are the lone ranger at your church there are always opportunities to connect with others.

Finally, Visual Worship must move people. But it starts with you and me. Our art must be rooted in an overflow of love for Jesus Christ. This is where Visual Worship differs from entertainment. We are called to be contagious and create in a way that impacts others.

If you’d like to hear more then check out and be sure to follow SALT on Twitter.

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SALT Visual Worship Conference

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