The Road to Calvary – Preparing for the Cross

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The Road to Calvary | TripleWide Media

The Road to Calvary – Preparing for the Cross

The Road to Calvary was long. Perhaps not in total distance traveled, but the weight he carried was immense. There is an amazing visual story playing out here. From the betrayal with Judas to the hill in Golgotha, there are so any scenes, steps, and people involved with this story as Jesus carries the cross along the streets. As Stephen talked about yesterday, this is a part of the Liturgy of Easter. The Road to Calvary is one of the twelve vantage points, but this one can be broken down into many stories as well.

As visual artists, technicians, and worship leaders, how do we transform the environments to display that tension? Jesus is carrying his cross…but it’s really our cross. The cross we were unable to carry. There is a profound weight there. It’s something that will no doubt speak profoundly to our congregations.

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Color Speaks

The road to calvary can take on many aspects as I said before. Find the aspect of the story you want to tell and focus your visuals on that piece. Perhaps you want to look specifically at Jesus carrying the cross. Find images that show that. Always remember color and how it can speak into your environment.

Spend the time now to create your video playlists and your lighting settings. Don’t overthink. Don’t over create. Easter is a perfect opportunity to slow down and use color to evoke mood and create tension. Remember to fid the balance and be who you are. Visitors, guests, and regular attendees aren’t looking for a show. They’re seeking truth, inspiration, and hope.

Message over Media

Maybe you want to focus on a texture like a brick or dirt path. The power of a simple texture can speak volumes when telling a powerful story. Don’t forget that your media needs to enhance your message. Nothing is more distracting then when your media trumps your message.

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Flashing lights, neon, and high energy vj clips is probably not what you need today. Believe me, those have their place. Take the time and effort to curate the content that tells the story in the manner you want to portray. We’ve started that for you by creating a curated series of media here: Vantage Points. Check those out and some of the curated content to visualize the Road to Calvary below.


Stations of the Cross - 1 | TripleWide Media Dark Clouds | TripleWide Media Orange Brick Road | TripleWide Media Easter Week Calvary | TripleWide Media Good Friday - Blank | TripleWide Media Painted Good Friday 01 | TripleWide Media

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