Ready for Rio?

If you’re anything like me, you’re excited about the summer olympics in Rio! From the spectacle of the opening ceremony to the excitement of world records, the summer olympics are amazing!

Some of the most interesting facts come around the opening ceremony and the budget constrains involved. The initial budget was north of $110 million and was cut nearly in half. This created a plethora of challenges for the director, producer, and production team to figure out how to accomplish the major spectacle the games have been known to become with limited funds. Sound familiar? How many times do you have great ideas that you have to adjust and figure out how to accomplish with a less than desired budget?

To gear up for tonight’s opening ceremony, here are a few facts about the 2016 Summer Olympics.

  1. Opening Ceremony – $4 million vs. approximately $40 million in London or roughly $80 million in Beijing.
  2. A cast of 6,000 volunteers will highlight the opening ceremony
  3. The venue, Maracanã Stadium, seats 80,000 and will solely house football (soccer) instead of the typical setting in the Athletics stadium.
  4. Total costs for the games are north of $11 billion (compared to $55 billion for the 2008 games in Beijing)
  5. 206 countries are sending athletes to the games
  6. One new team is comprised of 10 refugee athletes with no official country representation
  7. The Opening Ceremony will see creative technologies such as moving stages and drones to cut costs and increase creative value
  8. The 2016 Summer Games are the first for a South American nation ever
  9. 60,000 meals will be prepared daily to feed the athletes
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Are you Ready for Rio? We’ll be watching the Opening Ceremony tonight and will be sure to share our thoughts, tech info, and more!




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