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If you’ve been watching twitter recently, you may have seen that our friends over at Renewed Vision have made quite an announcement lately. They’ve announced the next version of ProVideoPlayer, more commonly known as PVP, will have a complete overhaul and is expected to be released this fall.

I cannot tell you how exciting this is for both our community and the entire multi-screen movement. Of course I only know as much as you do, and will be eagerly waiting for more details to arrive on their site as they get closer to their release date. However, I can share some thoughts based on what I hope will come of this software and what they’ve already posted.

1. It will make advanced mapping for video much much easier. If there’s one thing I trust my friends at RV to do is this, create powerful software that is intuitive to use and easy to train. We need this in the multi-screen world…. more than ever. It seems like they have completely renovated their pixel mapping interface (which needed it).

ProVideoPlayer 2 Multiscreen Interface

ProVideoPlayer 2 Multiscreen Interface

2. Multiple Video Layers. In PVP 1, there was a limit of two video layers… which is still a very powerful tool when VJing live. It allows you to half dissolve between a clip of rain pouring down on top of a landscape picture of a valley. However the issue is that you couldn’t ever go to black from that half-dissolve. It seems (based on the picture of their interface above) that you have the ability to do either multiple layers or send multiple videos through various displays. Either of these features will bode to creative designs and new opportunities visually.

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3. Advanced Video Effects. It seems to me, based on the evolution of it’s sister program ProPresenter, that the new version of ProVideoPlayer is sure to have a slew of advanced video filters, adjustments and effects. It would only be natural to include some of the effects engine built into Pro5 into the new version of PVP. This would mean we could control the color of any piece of media (with more precision than the hue/adjust wheel currently in PVP) along with control of focus, inverting media, sepia tone, invert colors, heat sink and I’m sure they have a few more up their sleeve.

4. Masking. One of the most requested features for PVP2 has been to include the mask layer that Pro5 has become so famous for in the environmental projection and projection mapping worlds. This would be monumental for our community if we would be able to mix multiple layers of video and have advanced masking features all within the same software.

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5. Integration. This is the one feature that I am assuming and hoping for… integration with more interfaces/softwares/platforms. Currently ProVideoPlayer has integration with DMX, the language of most lighting consoles and MIDI, the language of most audio interfaces. If PVP2 were to continue down the track of building out integration modules the possibilities of this program could be and would be endless… I’m personally hoping for integration with Mad Mapper, VDMX, ProPresenter and maybe even some of the integration that the communications module with ProPresenter currently has which includes Artnet, Panasonic switchers and and a few others.

I’m excited to see what else Renewed Vision has up their sleeve. I’m sure it will be an incredible lineup of features in the new version of ProVideoPlayer.

They’ve done it time and time before with previous products. Stay in touch with their releases of features by visiting this site.

What ideas would you like to see in PVP2 if you had a chance to give input? 



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  • Greg says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Luke! Love being alongside you guys in this multi-screen revolution. I think you are going to be happy with PVP 2 and we look forward to sharing these features with everyone in the coming weeks.


    Renewed Vision

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