Projection Mapping with Resolume (#184)

By July 17, 2017Monday Mapping

Projection Mapping with Resolume | TripleWide MediaProjection Mapping with Resolume

For today’s Monday Mapping, we’re taking a look backstage at SALT16.  Resolume, video mapping and the server we used to drive all the visuals for SALT Conference this past year. The scenic elements at SALT16 took a heavy turn toward the visuals. It was the first year an LED wall was incorporated into the design along with two side walls of projection mapped 3D Shapes.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 4 main visual dimensions when it came to the projection mapping and visual elements of SALT16:

  1. Projection Mapped Left Wall
  2. Projection Mapped Right Wall
  3. Center 3.9mm 26′-wide LED Wall on stage
  4. 2x 3.9mm 3.5′-wide LED Columns on stage

For all the tech specs, gear, and production details, take a look at the full article published here.

Tim Southwick

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