Projection Mapping the Georgia Aquarium

Projection Mapping the Georgia Aquarium | TripleWide Media

Projection Mapping the Georgia Aquarium

Part of our team recently had the opportunity to stop by the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta and experience their projection mapping display as part of their dolphin show. This was a multi-sensory experience of light, sound, movement, and art that enveloped our attention, creativity, and imagination. While we were excited to view the show, we were obviously checking out the technical production as well.

Anchoring the 1,800 seat auditorium is a custom multiscreen display covering 5 individual screen surfaces to mimic the shape of a dolphin’s tail. The 80′ wide by 20′ tall surface allowed for a wide variety of content to be displayed alongside the dolphin show.

Production was envisioned and designed by the team at Electrosonic. Using set design and projection, the team was able to create a unique environment that supported and enhanced the dolphin show without overshadowing the main attraction. This didn’t come without it’s unique set of challenges, which seems to be the case with almost any event or production.

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The first challenge was ensuring that the gear would be safe from water and the salt rich atmosphere created from the dolphin’s pool. A custom tech booth was constructed that spanned the length of the room housing projection, lighting, sound, and control components.


The second challenge was how to control the custom projection setup. Using Christie Digital S+20K projectors, stacked two high by three wide, the team edge blended the projectors to create the brightness and clarity needed.

A lot of content used was custom pieces created for the show, but they did incorporate some stock elements such as these from TripleWide Media. Check out the content below and the videos to see what was used!

Color Tube | TripleWide MediaSun Bands | TripleWide MediaWarped Curtain | TripleWide MediaCandy Blast | TripleWide Media

Projection Mapping the Georgia Aquarium Videos\

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