Projection Mapping Salt Nashville

Projection Mapping Salt Nashville

If you haven’t been to, heard of, or have any idea what Salt Nashville is, then just stop and watch the video below.

This is probably one of the simplest, yet truly inspired and intentional projection mapping pieces we have shared.

Beginning with a single overhead projector (yeah, old school) and ending with environmental projection, projection mapping, lighting and lyrics, Salt Nashville held nothing back in creating the right environment to set the tone for the conference.

Always remember to be intentional in your production. Just because you have access to moving lights, motion backgrounds, projection, and more, doesn’t mean you always have to use those pieces.

Take time to be intentional.

Take time to tell your story.

Take time to worship.

Salt Nashville is The Creative Arts Conference that’s more than just a conference. It’s a reminder of the role visuals and the creative arts play in our services. It’s a movement of passionate creatives, artists, technicians, and worship leaders longing to see art impact the Church in relevant and profound ways.

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Salt Nashville is this October, come join the community.

Salt Nashville 2015

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