Projection Mapping in Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise)

It’s safe to say that this is the first time Tom Cruise has been mentioned in the TripleWide Media blog. In his new movie Oblivion projection mapping is used in way that is pretty remarkable, and we wanted to share a little “behind the scenes” info we stumbled upon at The director of photography, Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi), and Joseph Kosinski who had recently directed Tron decided to minimize the use of blue screen and instead make the most of projection mapping. Miranda and Kosinski, both known for incredible visuals, create an immersive environment in Oblivion.

Oblivion Set-UpPhoto: Universal Pictures

Why Projection?

The keyword here is clean. The Sky Tower depicted in Oblivion is as sterile as a doctor’s office and as beautiful as a mountaintop view all at the same time. Claudio Miranda decided projection was the right method to capture the grandeur he had dreamed of. With such large, bright projections the lighting and time of day could be changed with the push of a button, meaning the environment was incredibly flexible. Instead of utilizing a full-out lighting rig, projection served as most of the on-set light. This allowed for accurate lighting representation on actors faces and the environment as a whole.

Tom Cruise

The actors really enjoyed using less imagination than is usually required to act in a sci-fi movie. Tom Cruise described the setting as “epic” and stated that the projection helped him interact with the set and environment. That is actually what Tom Cruise is saying in the picture to the left (while looking like a true artist in that black turtleneck).

How’d They Do It?

Good question! You’re looking at a 500 foot wide by 42 foot tall screen with required 21 projectors. The screen wrapped 270 degrees around the set. Talk about an immersive environment. The projection was stitched together by PRG, a well known entertainment technology company. Seaming software was used to create the seamless environment. With just three week of install time and 10 projectionist look at what is possible! (sarcasm!)

Photo: Universal Pictures

The content used for Oblivion is the result of over two weeks of filming on top of a volcano in Hawaii. The footage from three cameras was stitched together to form the beautiful sky outside the Sky Tower. If you happen to be looking for cloud-filled content we’ve got plenty. Check us out!

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Flying Clouds by Brian GarciaFlying Clouds” by Brian Garcia

Want to hear more? Check out this video we found for some more from the movie-set.

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