Projection Artworks creates 360° 4D Experience in Saudi Arabia

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One of the passions we have here at TripleWide Media is inspiring the multiscreen community. We scour the internet, forums, and blogs looking for the latest in multiscreen, environmental projection, and projection mapping technology. We came across this killer projection mapping piece from Saudi Arabia and wanted to dive into how they created this incredible immersive experience. The task of creating this piece was given to PixelArtworks based out of the UK. The group there have created a new projection mapping technology advancing upon the technology used in UV Mapping.

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Using their new software called MIMO Mapper (meaning model in, movie out) they were able to use 2D texturizing on 3D objects. This allowed them to be able to adjust and align content in real-time. Anyone who’s done any projection mapping know that the ability to perfectly map the object onto which the image is being projected is super challenging and many times impossible. This is an important step in projection mapping technology as it allows content creators, VJ’s and environmental projectionists to wrap the images and motion graphics around any surface on which they are projecting.

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The MIMO software allows the artist to basically model their work based on the setup configuration and then easily adjust in real time the points once they’re on site. For this project, the team only had a 24 hour window from the beginning of the setup to the end of tear down to complete the project and were not able to test anything in the space before hand. The first chance to test and components were on site the day of the event. The software allowed them to adjust to the particulars of the final setup without distorting or changing the media being used.

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This was a truly transforming production. The following two pics show a sort of before and after. With the combined use of projection and lighting, the guys from PixelArtworks transformed the space and took the audience on a journey.


But, great projection mapping takes more than just a slick technology. It takes time, skill, and gear. Here’s a list of the gear used for this creative event.

  • Projectors
  • Screen Surface
    • Custom built 3D surface with a total width of 35 meters and 7 meters of height
  • Lighting Elements
    • 50 Moving Fixtures
  • Audio Elements
    • JBL VRX components for 360° surround sound
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More Pics!

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