Projecting the Hoover Dam

Projecting the Hoover Dam

Projecting the Hoover Dam

When you combine an innovative technology, an iconic engineering marvel, and 1.2 million lumens of projection, something magical happens. Talk about multiscreen, environmental projection, and thinking outside the box, projecting the Hoover Dam had all of that!

Freightliner wanted the revealing of their new, self driving truck to be a memorable event…and they did not fall short.

Turning the facade of the Hoover Dam into a screen surface the size of 9 football fields, their dream came to life. But, it didn’t come without creativity, talent, and a lot of hard work.

Planning took several months and numerous site visits as they determined (1) where to project from and (2) how many projectors and auxiliary equipment they would need to accomplish such a monumental task. Ultimately it was decided to project from a distance 1/2 mile away from the dam on a spot with less restrictions, traffic, and challenges. The biggest challenge to overcome would be projecting and aligning so many projectors on a multi curved surface.

Using d3 media servers (with industry experts at the helm), the creative team was able to laser map the dam surface and create a 3D rendering that afforded them the luxury of being able to pre-map the projectors to the surface and align everything with fairly minimal changes on site.

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The servers along with the number of projectors worked to their advantage as they were able to overlay imagery and blend the projectors together to create a seamless image with a resolution of roughly 4000 pixels by 2000 pixels. This was powered by 60 26K Barco projectors creating a total of nearly 1.2 million lumens, which is now the highest light output projection ever done.

Here are a couple videos that showcase the projection and the overall event. The second video is mostly of the truck but shows how they incorporated projection with live video, graphics, and lighting to make a memorable event for all involved.



Here are a few photos from the event to give you a taste of the behind the scenes. Photo credit below.

This first image showcases the 60 projector beams on a massive platform housing the projection, control, and more.


The image below captures the opening video component starting the projection for the event.

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This next image gives you the entire canvas of the production including the dam, projection tower, bridge, and surround rock formations.

The world premiere of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck at The Hoover Dam set a new Guinness World Record. Die Weltpremiere des Freightliner Inspiration Truck an der Hoover-Talsperre brachte einen Eintrag ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde.

Finally, this is a close up image of the projection tower…it’s crazy cool!


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