Projecting on a Skyscraper (#113)

By March 9, 2015Monday Mapping

Monday Mapping

Skyscrapers might be some of the largest untapped Projection Mapping surfaces around the world. Today, we’ve found a team doing just that. From Milan comes today’s Monday Mapping. Watch as the tower warps, twists, and transforms before your eye.

The building was 31 floors and the total square footage of projection space was over 96,000 square feet (420 feet tall by 230 feet wide)! As a PR event for Adidas launching a new shoe, a vertical running champion was climbing the stairs of the tower inside during the performance.

The project took about a month and a half to complete. Using 10 total scenes for the entire piece, render times ranged from 4-5 hours to up to a day with computers running parallels to boost processing.


Software: VDMX, Cinema 4D, Quartz Composer, and Logic (audio)

Projector: Barco FLMHD20 (12 in total)


Monday Mapping is our weekly post featuring new and unique projection mapping examples from around the world. Do you have a projection mapping project you’d like to see featured? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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