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Projecting Candles

Candlelight services are of my favorite parts of Christmas. They’re peaceful, simple, and calming. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, shopping, planning, traveling, and finishing up the year, it’s nice to have the opportunity to slow down and reflect.


For me, it’s just not Christmas until the lights dim, you’re holding that single candle with hundreds of others while “Silent Night” is sung. That brings Christmas home.

An idea that I’ve had for a while and haven’t had the opportunity to accomplish it yet is to do a massive candle environmental projection.



Candles and Environmental Projection

Here’s my idea for projecting candles this Christmas. Start with a single candle on a screen. (This would be an amazing opportunity to do an environmental projection reveal if you haven’t done so already.) As the song plays and more and more of the congregation has candles, slowing begin to “add” candles to the screen and other places around the room. As the lights spread through the congregation, the candles appear on the screens, walls, everywhere.

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To end, turn down any stage or house lights remaining on and simply let the candle glow and the projection speak. Wrap the song with singing the first verse a cappella and fade the candles out as the song comes to a close.

Another fun idea is to mix candles on stage with projection. If you’ve got a triple wide setup on your stage as a backdrop, you can easily create depth using real candles* and projection.


So, how will you use candles this Christmas Eve?


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